0 Honda Jazz Full Gadget

Honda Jazz car modification contest winner was asked as to the Jazz Tuning Contest-8. What kind of underwear this car?

With a fund of Rp 600 million, Signal Kustom Built with sponsors such as Pioneer, AlterPro, Autovision, Automobile Bandung, Meguairs, Checkpoint, Wollsdorf Edelweiss Syn Leather & Leather, bring about the Future Honda 'Honda Jazz with the output of 2010.

"This is a modified Honda Futuristic Future. We deliberately chose this concept because this concept has no restrictions in modifying. Various technology, gadgets, entertainment, and peratan input to our office,

Untuk meningkatkan kesan futuristik Signal Kustom Built pun memangkas bagian atap mobil. Material metal stainless, silver gun metallic, electro futuristic paint, dan carbon fiber juga diselipkan untuk menegaskan tema futuristik.

Penegasan konsep pada side mirror juga tertuang dalam design futuristic dengan nano coating stainless chrome, serta carbon fiber dengan menggunakan camera view serta one way mirror, memungkinkan pengendara menggunakan normal mirror maupun digital mirror pada kendaraannya.

Kecanggihan lainnya ditunjukan dengan pemasangan, Fitur WiFi access untuk membuka pintu via iPad/iPhone serta system locking pintu via gadget merupakan sektor pendukung keamanan dan fungsi tambahan dari mobil ini.

Application painting using graphic techniques with free hand. To follow the theme Futuristic applied with silver base color, combined with Candy blue gradation with game techniques, layer after layer graphic techniques, to get the 3D effect electro.

And 3D touch free hand in every detail whitewash with Sikkens High Solid multilayer up to 12 layer coating on the two stages of heating to effect super wet.

To rim bespectacled man chose to use the Work S1R rim. To support rim, Andre modify fender fourth point, and finishing by metal polish on the barrel two step lips, and gold mesh spokes painted on it.

Custom Air Suspension To 4 dots embedded in a 4 point suspension of this car which has been accompanied by WiFi module which can be operated in a wireless-based gadget, the feature to support multiple systems used include WiFi controller and the modem router to propagate signals to gadgets used.

Interior alteration is evident, by choosing to use a two-seat passengers only. With the rear cabin is eliminated, and used for the placement of audio from Pioneer.

It also indicates that Andre total change in the pillar A, B, C cover (the ceiling, door panels, and a few other panels), made ​​to fit the conversion on the roof and doors.

Andre has used skin used premium cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley. That is using a bandage Wollsdorf Edelweis Leather combined with Synthetic Leather with Tan color and Hotspur in almost all parts of the interior.

Even for the steering wheel, andre also using OEM Ferrai wraps so as not to eliminate the airbag features and triptonic.

RGB Led by mood is also applied to the application on the light on the car's interior lighting that can be adapted to the mood of the owner of the car.

And everything can be accessed via an iPhone or iPad. Do not forget Projector Touch screen at roof, which is a touch screen feature is multimedia as a means to show off also inserted.

Automatic window closer is the other interior features, where the left and right windows will close automatically when the door is closed condition engine cut off, the condition of engine cut off, and the doors lock by remote conditions, thus maximizing the additional safety factor.

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0 Doomsday Trucks, Trucks for Survival

In the United States, there is a class of people who seriously prepare themselves for the day of doom or disaster. When referring to a show on TV, they are usually called Doomsday Preppers.

Well, besides building a bunker that can be prepared a variety of needs during a disaster, they also built a special trucks are modified so that they can survive in a difficult time in a long time.

Survivor Truck built by Jim DeLozier of California spent over U.S. $ 100,000 to U.S. $ 600,000. DeLozier claims homemade truck can make people survive for months or even years.

The truck was on display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas modifications, USA. What are the advantages of a truck? He was able to withstand a nuclear attack, and chemical weapons attacks!

The truck has a chemical filter systems and has bulletproof glass. Gas masks and breathing apparatus became a standard feature in it. There is another very important one facility, the toilet.

The tank has a capacity of 300 gallons or about 1,000 liters of fuel, so no need to worry about the truck quickly exhausted its fuel.

Originally, this truck is a Chevrolet C20. DeLozier also prepared a variety of weapons such as crossbows and arrows truck.
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0 Supercar Life Superbike with Yamaha

Most people are familiar with Yamaha through the motor-bike and musical instruments. But Yamaha also has a high skill in the realm of 4 wheels.

Cooperation with Toyota Yamaha produces beautiful car Toyota 200GT. Iconic sports car a dream in the 1960's. This car is becoming more popular again after being worn by James Bond "You Only Live Twice".

A few years later, Yamaha design, build and provide multiple machines to large manufacturers. Starting from 4-cylinder engine to a V8.

Therefore, a designer from Spain that Alber Rosello try to give an idea of ​​the figure supercar from Yamaha.

The concept car was called the Yamaha R Car. Rosello refer to this car as a supercar with a soul superbike.

Reported by Carscoop, other than Lamborghini style design, R Car is actually able to issue a power up to 900 horsepower, with a weight of less than 1,100 kg.
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0 So Tiger Ducati Being Changed

Later it was the middle Boom motor modifications, such as modifying the first motor sport such as Ducati. But in this case it's not just a modification modifies but all elements must be considered especially technical modifications neatness.

Here are the specifications:

Shock front: GSX 750 Telescopic
Front & rear Rims: Bosowa 17. 2.5 inches, 4.5 inches
Front tire: 120/60/17 Battlex
Rear tire: Battlax 180/55/17
Disc front: Suzuki GTSZ 750
Rear discs: Suzuki GTSZ 750
Handlebars: 20X
Head lamp: Yamaha Byson
Stop lamp: Honda Mega Pro Ndew
Rear shock: YSS
Exhaust: Custom Product Kwangen
Swing arm: Kwang custom product
Body full set: 0.8 mm galvanized plate (Tauco Custom)
Modifier: Topo Goedel Atmodjo (Tauco Custom)
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0 Modif Camaro Is the Worst?

Since its birth, the Chevrolet Camaro has been awarded a stylish look that can make eyes seem much made. But when you see the Camaro modifications, there are two options to vote, this is art or even make a Camaro into 'the ugly one.'

Berlabur gold metallic paint, Camaro Convertible 813 home modifications formulated by Customs in America look very 'ngejreng'.

The bright gold color in the body of the car nicknamed 'King ZL1' looks flashy. Moreover, this car is also supported by Forgiato rims extra-large, 30-inch, painted with matching color.

On the inside is decorated by fiber dashboard-sized speakers seem no less striking. More speakers can also be found again at each door of this car. In the back seat, 23-inch televisions are present.

Seeing his performance, cited motoramic, much debate among automotive enthusiasts this car related. Some call it is a work of art.

There is also a cynical saying that this is the ugliest Camaro modifications. This Facebook page was flooded home modifications insults. "This killer American muscle car," said one commentator.

However, the modifier argued that he was a professional. He built the car to order the exclusion of opinion as a person. What do others good, may not be considered good by others.

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