modifkasi honda CB200 prostree, Sand excavation site in Cimalaka, Sumedang indeed unique. Nanjak winding streets and motors where the average citizen trail. "Ah do not be so, ya liat motor scabby," said Saleh 'Oyeh' Anwar, brother of Outsiders Sumedang Chapter.

Busyet, Oyeh practically against the current. Work that rewarded extreme fluctuating sempalakan nyeleneh, a pro-street flow CB200 hardtail down construction. Sipnya, Oyeh not seem to have trouble when his motorcycle 4586cb mean-anton-02.jpgdiajak extreme up and down the sandy streets and the occasional grind. This is proof enough that this bike ridiable as pro-street motorcycle true.

Doi customized Problemalso total. Through the collaboration of the home builder home modifications Dadan Zagas, Congeang, Oyeh rake design that not too tick and very ridiable. Oyeh postures designed Dadan fertile with good ergonomics. Dragbarnya handlebars bent slightly toward the range rider.

With the chopper-style footrests so that leaning forward makes Oyeh comfortable despite crushing the field in seputaran unfriendly workplace.

Design modifkasi honda CB200 prostreet hardtailnya too slick. In front, Zagas only apply to single-tube down his bike looked slim and simple. Streetnya more pro-style thick with a slim tank look back like that like the builder of the world such as Paramount applied cycles. "With a choice of single sitter seat, the motor becomes increasingly slim," explained fan art contest agility dogs and pigs.

Problem of aesthetic design, Oyeh do not like Shop-Shop. For the headlights, he was content to buy a marked variation moge legendary Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Nyeninya designed Zagas touch through design sepatbor bat-like wings. "Just to create the impression sangar aja," explained the man's ready smile ini.4588cb-anton-04.jpg


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